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An Open Memorandum From Joe

To: Those Individuals And Miscreants Who Are Browsing This Wiki
From: Joseph Campbell
Date: October 7, 2016
Subject: Regarding Recent Nefarious Events

It has come to my attention recently that certain PEOPLE have been responsible for the CYBER THEFT and subsequent ILLEGAL DISTRIBUTION of my COPYRIGHTED DEMOS and UNRELEASED STUDIO RECORDINGS. These STOLEN RECORDINGS pertain to a variety of my projects (including In Order to Live). In a judicious attempt by myself, JOE CAMPBELL, to bring order to this PURPORTLESS CHAOS, I have created this wiki in order to CENTRALIZE the existing LEAKED CONTENT and to ELIMINATE any further evolution of this UNSCRUPULOUS and FELONIOUS PIRACY.

FURTHERMORE, it should be noted, I am VERY MUCH AWARE of the NONSENSE being said about MYSELF and my compatriot MAX on various BLOGS and FORUMS that have surfaced within CYBER. I can ASSURE you that the UNABASHED claims therein (which I REFUSE to repeat here) are UTTER IMPRUDENCE.

To those INDIVIDUALS who would attempt to CONTINUE in their CRIMES, STOP STEALING MY WORK. To everyone ELSE, please ENJOY this wiki.